Citronella Candle

  • Citronella Candle CC1712
Citronella Candle CC1712

Citronella Candle CC1712

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Citronella candle

Scented with citronella oil and illuminates any backyard or patio

Real citronella oil effectively repels common flying pests, such as mosquitoes and and other pesky bugs, so you can enjoy your camping trip or backyard barbecue

Convenient and easy to move around the yard or to pack up and take with you

Creates a warm and welcoming environment when hosting backyard activities and events

Safe and secure way to mosquito proof your yard

Made with all-natural wax with real citronella oil

With 3% citronella oil

Wax color:Yellow, white or other colors

The container is available in different capacity, color, and shape.



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